Aside from the attack on Ancona

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Aside from the attack on Ancona Empty Aside from the attack on Ancona

Post by kosovohp on Tue Dec 21, 2010 11:10 pm

Aside from the attack on Ancona, the Austro-Hungarian battleships were confined to Pola for the duration of the war.[10][24] Their operations were limited by Admiral Anton Haus, the commander of the Austro-Hungarian Navy, who believed that he would need to husband his ships to counter any Italian attempt to seize the Dalmatian coast. Since coal was diverted to the newer Tegetthoff class battleships, the remainder of the war saw Erzherzog Franz Ferdinand and the rest of the Austro-Hungarian Navy acting as a fleet in being. This resulted in the Allied blockade of the Otranto Strait.[25] With his fleet blockaded in the Adriatic Sea, and with a shortage of coal, Haus enacted a strategy based on mines and submarines designed to reduce the numerical superiority of the Allied navies.[26]

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