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Marshall was intrigued Empty Marshall was intrigued

Post by kosovohp on Sun Jan 02, 2011 3:11 am

Marshall was intrigued by the idea of the Alaskan wilderness, but the Forest Service—where he worked from 1925 to 1928—was unable to accommodate his request for an immediate position there.[26] Instead he was assigned to the Northern Rocky Mountain Experiment Station at Missoula, Montana in 1925.[27] Marshall's research at the Experimental Station focused on the dynamics of forest regeneration after fires, but he was faced with the task of fighting an actual fire after a July storm started more than 150 fires in Idaho's Kaniksu National Forest.[28] He was put in charge of supporting and provisioning one of the organized crews led by the Forest Service.[29] As he later recalled, Marshall worked "18 to 20 hours a day as time-keeper, Chief of Commissary, Camp Boss, and Inspector of the fire line".[28] Spending time with loggers and fire fighters, as well as witnessing the conditions under which they worked, Marshall learned vital lessons about labor issues and natural resource use.[30] It was while at the Experimental Station that Marshall became interested in the unsafe conditions for many working Americans, and this was the origin of his liberal and socialist philosophies.[31]

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