Which non-major event would you most like to win?

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Which non-major event would you most like to win? Empty Which non-major event would you most like to win?

Post by golf5748 on Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:21 pm

Which non-major event would you most like to win?

If you were a professional player which non-major event would you most like to win? Jason Sobel and Randall Mell weigh in with their opinions.By JASON SOBELPONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. Im about to pull off a big-time okey-doke on my opponent, the esteemed Mr. Mell.If this was match play, hed be safely on the green in two, while I was apparently stymied in the woods. Well, Im about to wedge one right into the cup to win this hole.He probably thinks hes being smart in choosing the so-called fifth major as the non-major he would most like to win. And he is. But not smart enough.Im thinking more big picture instead. Driver Ping G20 Thats why instead of choosing a title at The Players Championship, Ill take one at the Ryder Cup instead. While my opponent in this Punch Shot can celebrate his $1.7 million paycheck with his caddie, swing coach, mental guru, agent, manager, wife, 2.3 kids and all six nannies, Ill be spraying champagne with my 11 teammates in celebration of a week well never forget.And hey, its not like Ive got anything against money. If I had to choose an individual event, I think Id go with the Tour Championship at venerable East Lake Golf Club, which usually comes with a hefty FedEx Cup payday, too.Sorry, Randy. I win this one. Dont worry, though. Ill let you have a sip of my champagne.SÚrie de fers R11 Sorry, Mr. Sobel, but you are more than stymied in the woods in this match-play format.Pick up your ball and advance to the next tee, I mean, next question.You may think you are being clever giving the Ryder Cup as your answer, but youve lost the hole before youve begun. Youve violated the Rules of Golf revealing your answer to me before youve played. Youve violated Rule 8-1 for giving advice on strategy, but I admire the bold play anyway.Give me The Players Championship crystal trophy.The Players is not a major, and it shouldnt be. Jeff Sluman, in his plain spoken manner, summed it up best. When you go to Dennys and order the Grand Slam breakfast, they dont give you five things, do they? Sluman once said. They give you four. Driver Ping K15 History wont allow the official designation as a fifth major, but in nearly every other way, The Players feels like a major. The field, even minus Lee Westwood and Rory McIlroy, is the deepest in golf so far this year.The TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course may be contrived, but its a magnificent contrivance that separates the best ball strikers. If his game were to go off the rails and say he couldnt cut it anymore youd look at that and just try to go back to what worked.Whatever fundamental differences Tour swing coaches may have in philosophy and technique, nearly all subscribe to the same central truth that when a player moves from the practice tee to the course he only has one option to play golf, not swing.


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