You dont know where to start your ball

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You dont know where to start your ball Empty You dont know where to start your ball

Post by golf5748 on Tue Jun 05, 2012 8:25 pm

You dont know where to start your ball

You dont know where to start your ball. If you dont know where to start the ball, you dont know where youre going to hit it, and things start tumbling from there.Stenson sought out sports psychologist Bob Rotella for help. He also relies heavily on Fanny Sunesson, who is as much a mind coach as his caddie.Henriks such a good guy, has such a great personality, fun loving, very calm, Rotella said. We talked about how sometimes, you get so concerned about this or that, you dont let yourself be Henrik. Weve talked about Henrik getting back to being Henrik on the golf course.Hes in the best place Ive seen him in quite awhile. Hes gotten clear in his head with his golf swing.Cowen helped there. Burner 2.0 A month ago, frustrated trying to identify exactly what changed in Stensons swing, Cowen locked himself in his office and did some serious detective work. He pored over video of Stensons swings. He pored over hours and hours of video.Finally, Cowen found what he was looking for. He found a subtle manipulation in Stensons swing, a manipulation affecting Stensons transition from the backswing to the down swing that threw off the collaboration of club head, shoulders, arms and body. Cowen blamed himself.I missed that? How did I miss that? taylor made r9 driver Cowen asked himself.Cowen said a swing is three dimensional, but the manipulation is difficult to see. He said the manipulation is especially difficult to detect in the limited two dimensions of video.When Stenson won The Players Championship, he hit a subtle draw. His bad shots become a hook now. Hes working at a more neutral ball flight.The Stadium Course at TPC Sawgrass isnt the ideal place to work out your swing. Waywardness is severely punished here, but Stenson says he loves the course and the feelings he gets returning here.I played my first Players Championship in 06, and I immediately fell in love with the course, Stenson said. TaylorMade Driver Im sure thats why Ive had good success around here. When you like a course, when you feel comfortable on it, you raise your chances. I have my name here with all the greats whove won here in the past. Its special to be back here.Stenson may have played his best round ever winning here in 09. He was magnificent, closing with a 6-under-par 66, the only bogey-free round of a difficult day.The confidence I took out of this win was that if I could beat this field here, I could beat this field at a U.S. Open or British Open, if I put myself in position, Stenson said.This weeks all about confidence for Stenson, about putting himself in position to succeed again. Its about fearlessly extricating himself from the muck once more. He knows the way out. Hes triumphantly escaped far worse patches of trouble.


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