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Post by kosovohp on Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:48 am

MBTs are equipped with a main tank gun, and at least one machine gun.
MBT main guns are generally between 100 and 125mm caliber and can fire both anti personnel rounds such as high explosive or high explosive fragmentation as well as dedicated anti armor rounds, usually both HEAT (highly explosive anti-tank), and some form of high velocity kinetic energy penetrator round, such as APFSDS (Armor-piercing fin stabilized discarding sabot) ammunition. The cannon serves a dual role, able to engage other armored targets such as tanks and fortifications, and soft targets such as light vehicles and infantry. It is fixed to the turret, along with the loading and fire mechanism. Modern tanks utilize a sophisticated fire-control system, including rangefinders, computerized fire control, and stabilizers, which are designed to keep the cannon stable and aimed even if the hull is turning or shaking, making it easier for the operators to fire on the move and/or against moving targets.

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