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During the American Civil War, Shreveport was the capital of Louisiana from 18631865, having succeeded, first, Baton Rouge, and then Opelousas after each fell under Union control. The city was a Confederate stronghold throughout the war and was the site of the headquarters of the Trans-Mississippi Department of the Confederate Army. Isolated from events in the east, the Civil War continued in the Trans-Mississippi theater for several weeks after Robert E. Lee's surrender in April 1865, and the Trans-Mississippi was the last Confederate command to surrender, on May 26, 1865. Confederate President Jefferson Davis attempted to flee to Shreveport when he left Richmond but was captured in Irwinville, Georgia en route.
Throughout the war, women in Shreveport did much to assist the soldiers finding mostly far to the east. Historian John D. Winters in his The Civil War in Louisiana writes, accordingly:
"The women of Shreveport and vicinity labored long hours over their sewing machines to provide their men with adequate underclothing and uniforms. After the excitement of Fort Sumter, there was a great rush to get the volunteer companies ready and off to New Orleans. . . . Forming a Military Aid Society, the ladies of Shreveport requested donations of wool and cotton yarn for knitting socks. Joined by others, the Society collected blankets for the wounded and gave concerts and tableaux to raise funds. Tickets were sold for a diamong ring given by the mercantile house of Hyams and Brothers. . . .[6]

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