Two Mexican soldiers

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Two Mexican soldiers Empty Two Mexican soldiers

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Two Mexican soldiers were killed in the attack. The only Texian casualty was the bloody nose suffered by the man bucked off his horse. Although the event was, as characterized by Davis, "an inconsequential skirmish in which one side did not try to fight", Texians soon declared it a victory over Mexican troops.[26] Despite its minimal military impact, Hardin asserts that the skirmish's "political significance was immeasurable".[28] A large number of Texians had taken an armed stand against the Mexican army, and they had no intention of returning to their neutral stance towards Santa Anna's government.[28] Two days after the battle, Austin wrote to the San Felipe de Austin Committee of Public Safety, "War is declared—public opinion has proclaimed it against a Military despotism—The campaign has commenced".[29] News of the skirmish, originally called "the fight at Williams' place",[1] spread throughout the United States, encouraging many adventurers to come to Texas and assist in the fight against Mexico.[28] Newspapers referred to the conflict as the "Lexington of Texas"; as the Battles of Lexington and Concord began the American Revolution, the Gonzales skirmish launched the Texas Revolution.[1]

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