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Tracy Hickman and Laura Curtis married in 1977. Soon after, while living in Provo, Utah, they wrote the adventures Pharaoh and Ravenloft.[6] When they began work on Ravenloft, they felt the vampire archetype had become overused, trite, and mundane, and decided to create a frightening version of the creature for the module.[7] They play-tested it with a group of players every Halloween for five years before it was published in 1983 by TSR.[8] The plot combined elements of the horror genre with Dungeons & Dragons conventions for the first time.[9] At the time of Ravenloft's release, each Dungeons & Dragons module was marked with an alphanumeric code indicating the series to which it belonged.[10] Ravenloft was labeled I6: the sixth in a series of intermediate-level modules for the first edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (AD&D).[11] It consisted of a 32-page book, with separate maps that detailed locations in the adventure scenario.[5]

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