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According to a Wizards of the Coast article, Strahd has become one of the most infamous and well-known villains in the Dungeons & Dragons game,[12] and he has appeared in a number of novels and rulebooks since his debut in Ravenloft.[13] In an introduction to an online edition of Ravenloft II, author John D. Rateliff said Strahd's character revolutionized Dungeons & Dragons by introducing a monster with the abilities of a player character class; that is, a vampire magic-user.[9] This design enables him to combine his own powers with the surrounding environment, making him a difficult opponent to defeat.[7]
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Dungeons & Dragons game in 1999, two additional versions of the Ravenloft module were released. The first was a reprinting of the original adventure made available in the Dungeons & Dragons Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition boxed set, with slight modifications to make it distinguishable from the original (for collecting purposes).[14] The second was the silver anniversary edition of Ravenloft that was adapted for use with the second edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (Wizards of the Coast periodically alters the rules of Dungeons & Dragons and releases a new version).[15][16]

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