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Second World War: 19391945 Empty Second World War: 19391945

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The outbreak of the Second World War on 3 September 1939 delayed the commencement of the Autumn Term until trenches could be dug at the school. To avoid the bombing raids, 369 students of the Westminster City School in London were evacuated to The Judd School in the relative safety of Tonbridge.[25][26] Initially, each school used the facilities three days per week, but Taylor (1988) notes that "imaginative timetables" enabled all Judd pupils to attend five days a week by the end of 1941.[27] The Westminster boys were instructed to further evacuate to Exmouth, Devon in July 1944, but ended up fleeing back to London.[28] In a bombing raid that same year a rocket shell exploded in a neighbouring field, destroying more than 200 panes of glass and numerous doors and windows.[29] By the end of the war, 60 former pupils had lost their lives, and 48 were decorated.[30] On 31 December 1944, The Judd School became the first in the country to be awarded the status of a voluntarily aided grammar school in new legislation brought in by the Butler Education Act, which meant it received state funding, but could continue to select pupils by ability.[31][32]

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