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Post by kosovohp on Thu Oct 21, 2010 11:22 pm

British ornithologist David Lack considered that the Puerto Rican Amazon had evolved from the Hispaniolan Amazon (A. ventralis) found in Hispaniola, but it has since been argued that he omitted some elements in his analysis, including the similarities found between the Black-billed Amazon (A. agilis) of Jamaica and the Puerto Rican Amazon.[10] Subsequent studies showed that size and color patterns were not sufficient to assess evolutionary relationships, and that patterns changed with relative ease even within members of the same species.[10] The research concluded that the Puerto Rican Amazon may share a common ancestor with the Jamaican A. agilis.[11] Recent phylogenetic studies show that the Puerto Rican Amazon is more closely related to the Hispaniolan Amazon and the Cuban Amazon than to the Black-billed Amazon.

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