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Post by kosovohp on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:37 pm

During the rain season in winter, the lake is filled by numerous wadi (periodically drying rivers), mostly from north and north-west. The largest of them are the Djedi and Arab[2][8] running from west to east down the slopes of Aurès Mountains.[9] Others include Abiod, Beggour Mitta, Biskra, Bir Az Atrous, Cheria, Demmed, Dermoun, Derradj, Djedeida, Djemorah, Halail, Horchane, Ittel, Mechra, Melh, Mzi, Messad, Oum El Ksob, Soukies, Tadmit and Zeribet.[1][10] In summer, the lake and most the rivers feeding it dry out, and Chott Melrhir turns into a salt pan.[11][3] The annual water evaporation varies between 9.6 and 20 km3, and evaporation from soil nearby the lake can reach 14 km3.[2]

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