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David's daughter Nava was born in Cleveland, Ohio,[7][8] later moving to Israel, where she graduated from Horev Girls High School.[2] Applebaum first met her fiancÚ, Chanan Sand, when she was 17 and he was 16, at an Ezra religious youth group, where they both served as youth group advisors.[1] A year later they were engaged, but delayed their wedding for two years.[9] As part of her two-year Sherut Leumi service (alternative national service), Applebaum worked with children with cancer.[1][6] She planned on studying chemistry or genetics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and her goal was to find a cure for cancer.[1][6][10]
Sand and Applebaum scheduled their wedding for September 10, 2003, in Ramat Rachel, a kibbutz south of Jerusalem.[1][6]

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