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History of Kyrgyzstan Empty History of Kyrgyzstan

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The earliest notable residents of what is now Kyrgyzstan were warrior tribes of Saka (also known as Scythians), from about the 6th century BC to the 5th century AD.[7] The Sakan speakers were gradually conquered and acculturated by the Turkic expansion to Central Asia beginning in the 4th century. The only known remnants of the Sakan language come from Xinjiang, China, but the language there is widely divergent from the rest of Iranian and accordingly is called eastern or northeastern Iranian.[8]

The original meaning of the word Kyrgyz has several interpretations. One variant alleges that "kyrgyz" originally meant "red". This colour also marked the "south country" of original Turkic nations. Another variant is from the old Karakalpak epos, where the term "kyrk kyz" (meaning "forty girls") is mentioned, which would name the whole nation. There are also a couple of other, less likely speculations.

It is not possible to unambiguously state the oldest mention of Kyrgyz ethnicity. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, gradually there appeared an interest in the history of independent Kyrgyzstan, stemming from the search for new roots and identity. This is the same phenomenon that occurred in Europe in the 19th century, during which there was a revival of nationality, and the desire to prove to the world the exceptionality of each nation through various ways, e.g. by its very long history.

The Strategic Analyses and Forecast Institute (SAFI) in Bishkek,[9] argues that the first written mention of the Kyrgyz was in 569 A.D., when Zemarkh, the envoy of Byzantine emperor Justinian II, received a gift a Kyrgyz slave.[10]
Kyrgyzstan is one of the six independent Turkic States as of 2010.

For some time, first historical mention of the Kyrgyz was taken to be the year 201 BCE during the mention of Sima Qian in the "Historical Records" (Shiji): Later, when Maodun conquered the Chunju, Cujshe, Dinli, Gegun and Sinli lands in the North, all important people of Siunn acknowledged him and gave him the epithet "the Wise".

Later, the year 201 BC was regarded not as the first mention of the Kyrgyz, but as the first year of Kyrgyz statehood, the 2,200th anniversary of which was announced in 2003 by a presidential decree dated 11 July 2002

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