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Post by kosovohp on Sat Oct 30, 2010 10:29 pm

No drawings or paintings of Sherwood exist, but she was said to be a tall, good-looking, humorous, and unconventional woman who grew medicinal herbs, owned prime waterfront property, and wore trousers—taboo for women at that time—when she worked on the farm.[2][9] She went to court a dozen times, either to fight charges of witchcraft or to sue her accusers for slander.[2][3] Belinda Nash, who worked to get Sherwood's good name restored, not to have her pardoned as that presumes her guilt, is among those who believe that Sherwood's neighbors invented witchcraft tales to get rid of her because of her beauty, strong will, non-conformism, and knowledge of herbs[2][8][11]—traits that caused her neighbors to be jealous and resentful of her.[23][24]

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