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On October 5, 1949, Douglas made a radio appearance announcing her candidacy.[16] She attacked Downey almost continuously throughout the remainder of the year,[19] accusing him of being a do-nothing, a tool of big business, and an agent of oil interests.[20] She hired Harold Tipton, a newcomer to California who had managed a successful congressional campaign in the Seattle area, as her campaign manager.[21] Douglas realized that Nixon would most likely be the Republican nominee, and felt that were she to win the primary, the wide gap between Nixon's positions and hers would cause voters to rally to her.[19] Downey, who suffered from a severe ulcer, was initially undecided about running, but announced his candidacy in early December in a speech that included an attack on Douglas.[22] Earl Desmond, a member of the California State Senate from Sacramento whose positions were similar to Downey's, also entered the race.[23]

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