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On 19 February 1604, shortly after he discovered that his wife, Queen Anne, had been sent a rosary from the pope via one of James's spies,[nb 4] Sir Anthony Standen, James denounced the Catholic Church. Three days later he ordered all Jesuits and all other Catholic priests to leave the country, and reimposed the collection of fines for recusancy.[21] James changed his focus from the anxieties of English Catholics to the establishment of an Anglo-Scottish union.[22] He also appointed Scottish nobles such as George Home to his court, which proved unpopular with the Parliament of England. Some Members of Parliament made it clear that in their view, the "effluxion of people from the Northern parts" was unwelcome, and compared them to "plants which are transported from barren ground into a more fertile one". Even more discontent resulted when the King allowed his Scottish nobles to collect the recusancy fines.[23] There were 5,560 convicted of recusancy in 1605, of whom 112 were landowners.[24] The very few Catholics of great wealth who refused to attend services at their parish church were fined 20 per month. Those of more moderate means had to pay two-thirds of their annual rental income; middle class recusants were fined one shilling a week, although the collection of all these fines was "haphazard and negligent".[25] When James came to power, almost 5,000 a year (equivalent to over 10 million as of 2008) was being raised by these fines.[nb 5][26][27]

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