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Upon weakening to tropical depression status, Tomas maintained a poorly defined and elongated circulation, with little convective organization near the center. The NHC described the weakening as "difficult to explain", due to generally favorable conditions.[17] The circulation lost further definition, becoming part of an elongated area of low pressure across the western Caribbean, and the NHC sent a Hurricane Hunters plane to determine whether Tomas was still a tropical cyclone.[18] The flight determined that the circulation reformed to the northeast, and Tomas re-intensified into a tropical storm late on November 3.[19] Gradual intensification occurred as it tracked north-northwestward, although initially the low-level and mid-level centers were non-aligned.[20] By late on November 4, the circulation was still dislocated from the deepest convection, indicative of the presence of wind shear. Around that time, Tomas was turning northward as it passed around the western periphery of the subtropical ridge.[21] Over a six hour period, there was a dramatic increase in the inner dynamics of the cyclone, with more convective organization and a quick drop in pressure.[22] As it turned northeastward through the Windward Passage

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