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Several authors have regarded Geastrum indicum as the correct name for G. triplex.[6] This is because G. indicum—a species described by Johann Friedrich Klotzsch in 1832 as Cycloderma indicum[7] and then moved to Geastrum by Stephan Rauschert in 1959[8][9]—may be the same species as Geastrum triplex. If it is in fact the same species, the first published name (i.e., G. indicum) has nomenclatorial priority according to the rules of the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature. More recently, several authors argue that G. indicum should be rejected as a nomen dubium and G. triplex maintained as the correct name for the species.[3][10][11][12]
Stellan Sunhede's 1989 monograph of European species of Geastrum follows V. J. Staněk's concept[13] for the infrageneric (below the level of genus) placement of Geastrum, and places G. triplex with species that do not incorporate and encrust forest debris (section Basimyceliata). G. triplex is further categorized in subsection Laevistomata, which includes species with a fibrillose peristome—that is, made of parallel, thin, thread-like filaments. Within subsection Laevistomata it is in stirps Triplex, due to its delimited (with a distinct restricting edge) or irregularly torn peristome.[3]

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