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Jones increased scheduled passenger journeys from two to three each day in each direction.[64] With locomotives generally occupied with goods, many passenger services were drawn by horse.[64] While the increased passenger journeys boosted revenues, the Tramway no longer owned enough horses and had to hire them. By 1881 the passenger service was losing 11(about 800 as of 2010) a month,[13][65] although reduced use of locomotives lowered maintenance costs.[65] Although reliability had improved, services were still slow. Horse-drawn passenger services took 6070 minutes to travel six miles between Quainton Road and Brill.[58] The locomotive-hauled mixed trains, with frequent stops to load and unload, were timetabled at 11⁄2 to 23⁄4 hours to make the same journey, slower than walking.[58]
Jones hoped to increase passenger revenue by promoting Brill as a spa. The chalybeate springs of Dorton Spa outside Brill were known for supposed healing powers,[66] and a resort had been built around the Spa in the 1830s,[67] featuring a modern pump house and eight baths, set in 12 acres (4.9 ha) of parkland.[68] Despite the redevelopment and the building of modern hotels in Brill, Dorton Spa was unfashionable and by the late 19th century was little used.[68] Jones and the Spa's owners hoped Queen Victoria would visit during her 1890 stay at Waddesdon Manor and thus boost Brill as a spa town. Although such a visit was arranged, Victoria changed her mind and visited the spa at Cheltenham instead.[69] The spa traffic never materialised.[69]

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