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Post by TUFF747 on Mon Jan 21, 2008 5:17 pm

CCC Forum Rules

- All post have to be in the right section. Otherwise they will be removed.
- No talking about Illegal activity's on CCC forums.
- No selling dodgy parts/cars ect. otherwise ban from the site will be enforced.
- No putting down other CCC members or there cars. 3 times and suspension.
- No offensive images to be posted up, maybe result In a suspension/ban.
- Any threats made on site will result In a Ban.
- Advertsing other site's Is not allowed, unless arranged with admin/mods.
- Keep swearing to a min. Otherwise after 3 warinings a suspension maybe enforced.
- Acting your age on The site, No thinking Your bigger then anyone else.
- No doubling post Items that are In the for sale section.

On CCC Cruises

- No Illegal activity's. ( If you have a club sticker on car, and You repeat Illegal activity's ban will be enforced).
- No putting down other CCC members Or there car otherwise suspension/ban may take place.
- Any threats/fights bewteen CCC members will result in someone being banned and decieded on by rest of CCC.
- No Attracting atesion by the jacks.

Thanks, Admin of CCC.

(note: these may get updated time to time).

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