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Post by kosovohp on Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:23 am

His childhood in Rome was one of privilege, being brought up Catholic in a loving but argumentative family. Being the last legitimate heirs of the House of Stuart, his family lived with a sense of pride and staunchly believed in the Divine Right of Kings. The talk of regaining the thrones of England and Scotland for the Stuarts was a constant topic of conversation in the household, principally reflected in his father's often morose and combative moods.[2]
His grandfather, James II and VII of Scotland, had ruled the country from 1685 to 1689, at which time he was deposed by the Dutch Protestant, William III of Orange, in the Revolution of 1688. James II had aimed to bring England back into the Catholic fold and, in the process, had irritated and alarmed the powerful statesmen of the day. Since the exile of James II, the so-called 'Jacobite Cause' had striven to return the Stuarts to their rightful place as the rulers of England and Scotland (later Great Britain). Prince Charles Edward was to play a major part in this ultimate goal.

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