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Post by kosovohp on Wed Oct 06, 2010 3:54 am

Carl Sargent reviewed Ravenloft II in issue No. 87 of White Dwarf magazine, where he stated that it was a "strong sequel to I6 Ravenloft" and recommended it highly.[18] He noted that the plotline is very complex, with interactions between PCs and NPCs being much more important, and key events help keep the action going and provide direction for the adventure. Sargent criticized the sequel for having over-the-top minor encounters, and warned that the complexity of the plot would require careful preparation. He did mention that the module includes play and time-keeping aids, and felt that the adventure was worth the extra effort. Sargent highly recommended Ravenloft II for "lots of monsters, plenty of roleplaying, lots of offstage action, items and crucial information to be gathered, and ... an excellent ending."[18]

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