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Ravenloft inspired a campaign setting of the same name,[3] published in 1990.[19] According to Andria Hayday, the boxed set's developer, "TSR's classic AD&D adventure, I6 Ravenloft, inspired this world's creation."[20] The Ravenloft: Realm of Terror boxed set was published as part of the second edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and, according to its back cover, it is "rooted in the Gothic tradition" and contains "tips for adding fear to your games".[21] The setting of the module was expanded; Ravenloft is now a demiplane (an alternate dimension). The boxed set's version of Strahd is similar to character in the original adventure, but his abilities were increased and his background explained in more detail.[13] The campaign setting has produced a number of spin-offs,[22] and this new version of Strahd was used as a major character in a number of novels.[13]

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