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The term Wends or Wendish Empty The term Wends or Wendish

Post by ronaldjjjnooo on Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:18 am

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The term Wends or Wendish (Old English: Winedas, Old Norse Vindr, German: Wenden, Winden, Danish: Vendere, Swedish: Vender) is general and used in Germanic languages for Slavs living near or within Germanic (later German) settlement areas after the migration period as some perceive, particularly and usually between rivers Elbe and Oder. Therefore, this term does not describe a homogeneous people, but is rather applied to various peoples, tribes or groups depending on where and when it is (or was) used.

Today, the term Wends is used primarily in historical contexts, but may also refer to Kashubians, Sorbs or people of Sorbian descent (e.g. Texas Wends).

In Slavic history, Vends is the designation for West Slavs—one of the three main groups of Slavic peoples, along with Antes (East Slavs) and South Slavs.

The name has also survived in Baltic-Finnic languages (Finnish: Venäjä, Estonian: Vene, Karelian: Veneä) denoting Russia and Russians.[1][2]


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