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Post by chickengold92 on Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:11 am

f/ H.A.W.K, Mista Madd

Say L, hold these keys man
What kind of wheels is those brah
(man them boys got 20's dog, Lorenzos)
Man, I ain't never seen shining like that
Say H.A.W.K, what y'all use to do fool
When you was growing up

I use to sit and watch the Flinstones, Gucci rolls and herringbones
Bezel sets and baguettes, while talking on my cell phone
From Bo-Bo's to Air Macs, low cars to horse backs
Hoopties to Cadillacs, water guns to chrome gats
Levis to Guess jeans, black and white to big screens
Six by nine to 18's, Bumsalack to sipping lean
Regals with white walls, 20 inch with screens fall
Michael Jackson off the wall, to MJG and 8Ball
Screw house to wrecking flows, to BET on videos
Zig-zags and yellow bags, to Glad sacks and optimos
Fist fight to gun play, sawed-offs to a.k.'s
Spitting flows at talent shows, as the H-A-W-K
Riding on the Metros, pushing a six double O
Smoking cess to endo, fill it up with petro
Fixing on my lego, let go of my ego
Get in with my little bro, getting up when the rooster blow

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