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 Luke Hill's wife Elizabeth Empty Luke Hill's wife Elizabeth

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In 1705, Sherwood was involved in a fight with Luke Hill's wife Elizabeth.[5] Sherwood sued the Hills for assault and battery on December 7, 1705, and was awarded fifty pounds sterling.[5][9] On January 3, 1706, the Hills accused Grace of witchcraft, but she failed to appear in court.[25] On February 7, 1706, the court ordered her to appear and she was duly brought before the county court on the charge of having bewitched Elizabeth Hill, causing a miscarriage.[2][5][8][10][14] This lawsuit stemmed from personal disputes between Sherwood and the Hills, in contrast to the earlier lawsuits against her, which seemed to reflect hard times in the community. Her trial demonstrates how those considered to be untrustworthy could quickly become scapegoats for social and economic tensions, yet the Virginia justices would not accept her guilt without physical evidence.[16]

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