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In Dallas Sims encountered, and performed with, Texas blues guitarists T-Bone Walker and Smokey Hogg in local clubs. In 1948 Sims recorded two singles for Blue Bonnet Records, but his first success came in 1953 when he recorded his song, "Lucy Mae Blues" for Art Rupe's Specialty Records, which went on to become a regional hit.[1] The Encyclopedia of the Blues called "Lucy Mae Blues" a "masterpiece of rhythm and good humor".[4] Sims continued recording songs for Specialty through the mid-1950s, many of them not released at the time. In 1957 he moved to Johnny Vincent's Ace Records and recorded several songs, including "Walking with Frankie" and "She Likes to Boogie Real Low", which Allmusic called "mighty rockers".[1] Sims also recorded with other blues musicians, including his cousin Hopkins,[1] and appears on several of their records.[5] In the early 1960s Hopkins "cashed in" on the folk-blues revival,[1] but Sims faded into obscurity.[3]
In 1969 blues historian Chris Strachwitz tracked Sims down to record him on his Arhoolie label,[4] but Sims died soon after on May 10, 1970 in Dallas at the age of 53.[1] The cause of death was pneumonia brought on by his poor health.[3] At the time of his death he was reported to have had a drinking problem and was under investigation regarding a "shooting incident".[1] Soon after his death, Specialty Records released a compilation album of Sim's recordings with the label, Lucy Mae Blues.[6] In 1985 Krazy Kat released Walkin' With Frankie, an album of unreleased songs he had recorded for the label in 1960.[5]

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