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The building of Waddesdon Manor generated huge business for the Tramway. Large numbers of bricks from Poore's Brickworks at Brill were shipped. By July 1877 the entire output of the brickworks was going to supply the Waddesdon Manor works, with 25,000 bricks a week being used.[70] Additional bricks were also shipped via Quainton Road ,[70] along with 7,000 tons (7,100 t) of Bath Stone from Corsham.[71] The manor also required power and in 1883 a gasworks was built to the west. A siding from Westcott station ran south to the gasworks, to carry coal.[70] Waddesdon Manor chose not to use the Tramway for supplying coal to the gasworks and the siding was abandoned in 1886.[70]
Waddesdon Manor was complete in 1889, 13 years after construction began. The Winchendon Branch closed and the track was removed.[70] The gasworks remained operational, although supplied by road, until its closure during the coal shortage of 1916. It was demolished shortly afterwards.[70] The track of the disused siding remained until at least 1916.[70]

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